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Bryony DuPont, PhD

Engineering Designer | Educator | Research Advocate


My work is at the intersection of mechanical design, engineering physics, and advanced computation.


Our focus is on creating green technologies, specifically renewable energy systems (wind energy and wave energy systems) and the eco-design of consumer products.


We create new engineering design processes, leading to smarter, cheaper, and more efficient products and systems.


My research expertise includes optimization, applied machine learning, design automation, and design theory.


Hannah Mankle publishes new paper on Upsampling for Wave Resource Assessment

Hannah's work -- in collaboration with Bryson Robertson and Paul Branson, explored better forecasting approaches at improved temporal resolutions that better capture the variability of the wave resource. Published in the Journal of Ocean Engineering and Marine Energy.
Bryony takes on new role at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bryony will join MIT's GEAR Lab in the Department of Mechanical Engineering as a Visiting Scholar during the 2023-2024 academic year. She will be fortifying new research goals in decarbonization and electrification, with an eye toward global development and commercialization.
Cameron Irmas Successfully Defends his MS

Cameron's research in Bayesian approaches for predicting the wind resouce for a hybrid wind/wave system was conducted with committee members Chris Bay from NREL and Cory Simon from Oregon State's School of Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering
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