Bryony DuPont, PhD

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My work is in engineering design, specifically design automation. We create advanced computational approaches to inform engineering design processes, leading to smarter, cheaper, and more efficient products and systems.


Our primary approaches are design optimization, applied machine learning, and machine intelligence. Our engineering applications center on green technologies, specifically renewable energy systems (wind energy and wave energy systems) and eco-design of consumer products.


ASME International Design Engineering and Technical Conferences
August 2020

Bryony is the Design Automation Committee Program Chair, Co-Chair for Student Activities, and her students have three accepted conference papers

Hannah Mankle and Austin Berrier win DOE ORISE Fellowships
July 2020—July 2021

Hannah will be working with Oscilla Power in Seattle, WA on small-scale wave energy converter design and optimization
Austin will be working with Yi-Hsiang Yu and Michael Lawson at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory on optimization and modeling of flexible wave energy converters

Ali Trueworthy, Anna Garcia-Teruel, Michael Devin, Hannah Mankle, and Vincenzo Ferrero  submit new journal papers
Summer 2020

Check out the Publications page for these and other preprints/pdfs